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Experience A Better Way To Invest.

Welcome to Mayogate Properties. We are here to take you to a whole new world of real estate where your investments skyrocket with returns!

Meet With Our Mission

To provide valuable, affordable and secured properties to our esteemed clients.

What Is Our Vision?

To be the best and most preferred real estate company providing value added, innovative and satisfactory housing opportunities guided by expertise and intelligence.

Core Services

Currently some of our services include Real Estate Agency (sale, letting, lease), Real Estate Development (building of houses), Property Facility Management, Sale of Serviced Plots and Real Estate Consultancy Services.

Why Real Estate?

Real Estate remains the safest and surest way to grow in wealth and to develop your business financial base.  This is so because virtually all human endeavors require only two basic parameters namely: TIME and SPACE.  All other parameters are secondary and fall within these basic parameters. So, no matter what business you choose to do, you will expend time and space, and by space, we mean real places which invariably refers back to real estate. Any individual or corporate entity that operates from its own properties prospers best because you are certainly more secured in your own grounds and fearless of been rooted out by landlords having quite settled down or gain grounds with customers and the environment

we approach everything we do with energy, enthusiasm and a sincere desire to exceed expectations.

we are transparent and trustworthy in all our activities and relationships.

we celebrate our clients, their experience and the spirit of collaboration

To have faith in God, family and ourselves .To be more than we ever thought possible.

Why Mayogate Properties?

Like we all know, there is no business or investment for that matter without its fair share of risk. At Mayogate, we work in a systemic way and with due diligence to mitigate all risk involved with real estate by advising our esteemed clients on what property to buy having carefully surveyed these properties with background checks for genuineness and disposition towards real value appreciation in real time. We have got the map! We lead the way to your treasure island. With so much opportunity amidst what we call the no go areas, you will find Mayogate Properties real estate services extremely valuable at no cost at all. As a real estate firm, we stand to protect you from government encumbrances, Omo-onile wahala, unfair charges and all other miscreant and illegalities in the industry.

Lands 92%
Houses 85%
Estates 92%


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